Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Covets of Fashion

Well, here's the thing. I love clothes and fashion, I really do! But it seems the finances of being a self-sufficient college student don't allow me to dress exactly how I dream. I do a lot of daydreaming about how cool it would be if I could afford and justify spending tons and tons of money on beautiful clothes and super trendy styles! So this is what it comes down to. These are the TOP 10 items on my covets of fashion list, the things I really dreadfully want, but mostly probably will never have.

TOP 10 Covets of Fashion:
Straw fedora. So cute with a little summer dress or some loose jeans and a light jacket.


Trendy necklaces (this one's not my fav, but it gets the point across), they look great layered with a dress under a light jacket and over a button up with some jeans.

Vintage summer dress. Add a couple inches on the bottom, and some more sleeves, or a jacket, to make it modest and its to die for! Pair it with a blazer or a jean jacket and some strappy heels or leather boots.

Jean jacket. WARNING: To be worn with cute things only, aka the white summer dress below and some leather boots or red TOMS.

White summer dress. So cute with the jean jacket above, a colorful necklace and some color poppin' shoes. (No flip flops *please*)

Black Skinnys. Awesome for a night on the town, date, or just class. Pair with hiiiigh heeled pumps and a blazer for evenings and the cute fedora at the top and a loose white T for daytime.

Miz Mooz leather boots. I'm picky with my boots, but I love these. So trendy and versatile. I may grow out of liking these soon but as for now, i'm drooling.

Black oxfords. Go great with a simple dress or black skinnys.

Black 3/4 sleeve, single button blazer. My personal favorite right now. So cute for lots of different occasions. I'm seeing it with the oxfords and skinnys, and especially with that cute fedora.

Okay, i've just created my own fashion heaven! Too bad its all fantasy. How much would all of this cost? TOO MUCH. But but but but, I can dream, and dream I do. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This may not be your style. :) Oh well. If you are curious about my style and where I derive a lot of my tastes, check out this blog! She is a fashion genius http://www.clothedmuch.com/