Friday, August 12, 2011

Beauty Product Spotlight!

all! Okay, this post is mainly for girls because most boys don't paint their nails... so... yeah, girls... I had a big problem. I LOVE pure red nail polish and I used to wear it all the time. But, it kind of dried out and got really clumpy and unusable! I was so sad! Polish is expensive, i'm not interested in going to buy a $5-7 nail polish every month when my favorite one gets clumpy. But alas, my red polish got clumpy and sat in my nail box for several months... UNTIL I found this awesome product at Sally's Beauty Supply! A nail polish thinner that actually works and its inexpensive too. I bought this for $3.49 with my Sally's Beauty card ($3.99 without). I added a tsp or so to my nasty clumpy polish and ta-da! I just pained my nails and i'm so pleased with the consistency.

SO. This is an important blog post because I will never have to waste a polish ever again! This stuff rocks. So if you have a problem with your thick, clumpy polish, I recommend this product. You can also come borrow mine if you want to. :)