Monday, February 21, 2011

Sundays at the Carmichael's

Sundays here in Provo are hardly lonely... actually never. I usually find myself at my aunt and uncle's house for some family, laundry, and famously experimental cooking. Last night it was homemade fried chicken (I know, I was a bad girl... but it's soo good!), corn, and fried rice. After dinner activities usually consist of a chat-a-thon between my aunt Sheri and I and whoever else is present and feels like talking about the woes of life (oh, and the good things too). But last night I ended up in my cousin Aidan's room with a set of Lincoln Logs. He loves them, and since I haven't touched them since the early 90s he so kindly taught me how to build a house and put in the windows and doors. It's very high tech. Anyways, needless to say, it turned into a photoshoot because I thought it was so cute! P.S. The chat-a-thon with Sheri took place directly after this, don't worry, I wouldn't miss it!

This is how it started... just building with Lincoln Logs...

Then we started taking pictures...

This one is my favorite :)

And Wes came and joined!

And we had fun!


  1. love the outfit! love the carmichaels....tell them HI~

  2. Love it! These pictures are a riot - Mer, you are *so* much fun! I'm SOOO glad we get to hang w/ you! And hey, Rach - we <3 you too! "Hi" back! =)

  3. haha. lincoln logs. the greatest.
    also, you should post more.
    that's all.